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Nanimarquina carpets.

Handcrafted following the most ancient Indian techniques and traditions.

Nanimarquina, thanks to the carpet Kala, contributes to the development of the "Care & Fare" project by supporting the children of the "Amita de Bhadohi School".

Nanimarquina carpets are unique in each model.

However similar to each other, two identical carpets will never really be. This is the beauty that comes from the craftsmanship, which you can admire in the various videos on the site.

Nanimarquina has also created an outdoor carpet, "Bicicleta", made with waste tires from bicycle wheels, the most common means of transport in India.

The "Bicicleta" model is joined by the collection of outdoor rugs designed by Vondom which are perfect complements to the garden furniture collections.

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