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Sauna Infrarossi Spectra 2
  • Sauna Infrarossi Spectra 2
  • Spectra 2 infrared sauna

Spectra 2 infrared sauna

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Available from May 2, 2023

Spectra sauna 2 infrared cabin with Dual Healthy technology.

Do you need to relax and let yourself go? Nothing better than a session in the sauna to recharge your batteries.

The Spectra sauna offers 2 main infrared technologies for different benefits.

Choose from Full Spectrum Quartz to soothe muscles and joints or Magnesium to promote sweating and stimulate blood circulation.

Made from Canadian spruce, the Spectra is equipped with everything to make your seat perfect.

External lights, audio, chromotherapy, remote control panels, as well as other details that make life easier and make this sauna a bestseller.


Quartz has the particularity of heating up almost instantly and providing a gentle and targeted heat.

Recommended in case of joint pain, the short waves emitted penetrate deeply into the skin.

Magnesium, on the other hand, with its longer start, emits an enveloping and intense heat.

The epidermis is also stimulated to increase sweating and the feeling of relaxation.


Delivery times: 5 to 15 days from order confirmation.

Shipping carried out with professional packaging and unloading of the material on the ground.

  • France Sauna - Spectra 2


    • Panels in Quartz/Magnesium
    • Carbon floor panels
    • Control Panel
    • Indoor/outdoor lighting
    • MP3/FM player
    • Chromotherapy
  • Sauna Spectra 2 - technical characteristics

    Dimensions on the ground cm 140x110
    Dimensions overall cm 140x125x200
    Infrared emitters and power 7 - 1980W
    Type of emitters Infrared Dual Healthy Quartz and Magnesium
    Accessories Led chromotherapy - Digital control panel - MP3/FM audio
    Temperature 18 to 60°c
    Internal Spruce bench and headrest
    Weight 172kg
    Warranty Electronic 2 years - Carpentry 4 years
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