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Sense 4 steam sauna
  • Sense 4 steam sauna
  • Sense 4 steam sauna
  • Sense 4 steam sauna

Sense 4 steam sauna

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Sauna in production - send mail for information

Sense steam sauna, a reflection of France Sauna's know-how which combines all the elements conducive to escaping the mind and relaxing the body.

The stove of this steam sauna provides the necessary heat for the benefits of the traditional sauna.

Classic lamps positioned in the top corners of the cab and under the bench seat create a relaxing atmosphere, while the large glass area gives a feeling of openness.

Comfortably leaned back or stretched out, find the ideal position to relax your body and mind in this traditional Canadian spruce sauna.


The Sense sauna is equipped with a Finnish Harvia stove with lava stones, as well as the traditional sauna kit (wooden bucket and ladle, thermometer, hygrometer, traditional hourglass).


Delivery times: 5 to 15 days from order confirmation.

Shipping with specific packaging and the unloading of the material is included.

  • France Sauna Sense


    • lamp under the desk
    • panoramic view thanks to a large glass surface
    • 100% Canadian spruce joinery
    • Harvia electric stove already included
    • traditional sauna kit included
  • France Sauna Sense 4 - technical characteristics

    Dimensions on the ground cm 150x150
    Dimensions overall cm 150x150x200
    Stove power 4.5 kW
    Equipment Mood lighting, bench lighting, wall headrest bench, Harvia electric heater included
    Accessories Sauna kit: wooden bucket and ladle, thermometer, hygrometer, traditional hourglass
    Structure 100% Canadian spruce wood
    Brings 8mm safety glass
    Diet Single-phase 230V 1N or Three-phase 415V 3N (one choice)
    Weight 235 kgs
    Warranty Electronic 2 years / Carpentry 4 years
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