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Spa Python Poolstar
  • Spa Python Poolstar
  • Spa Python Poolstar
  • Spa Python Poolstar

Python inflatable spa

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Spa Python comfortable, trendy and simple.

With the Python hot tub, you will appreciate an octagonal spa, ideal for 5 people, with a trendy design.

The matte black leatherette exterior, with a crocodile skin pattern, adds an elegant touch to your lounging space.

The intelligent engine block combines the functions of heating, filtration and massaging bubbles.


Delivery times: from 5 to 15 days from order confirmation.

  • Netspa Python - technical specifications

    Capacity 5/6 people
    Dimensions cm 185x185
    Internal dimensions cm 145x145
    Height 70cm
    Water level 44-47cm
    Volume of water 850 litres
    Air nozzles 130 nozzles
    Outer liner Laminated PVC + imitation leather cover
    Internal liner Embossed PVC
    Temperature increase 1,5°c - 3°c / hour
    Closure Safe, with special buckles
    Control Panel Digital and integrated
    Diet 240V - 50Hz
    Protection Double insulation of the heater
    Filter pump 40W
    Heater Power 1500W - Max temperature 42°c
    Filtration Filter block + 1 antibacterial cartridge included
  • Starline inflatable spas - advantages and assistan

    Spa Starline benefits:

    • additional cover in imitation leather
    • double heater protection
    • quick and easy installation thanks to the integrated inflator


    • possible replacement of the pump in 72 hours
    • assembly and disassembly in less than 5 minutes
    • revolutionary system. The pump can be removed without emptying the spa!
    • intelligent engine block with automatic temperature control function.
    • 10mA safety socket - 100% safe against electrical risks. Includes a 10mA RCD.
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