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Spa Apen Poolstar
  • Spa Apen Poolstar
  • Spa Apen Poolstar

Aspen inflatable spa

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Spa Aspen, compact and elegant, thanks to its square shape is ideal for four people.

Ingenious and robust, the Aspen Spa is covered in ultra-resistant PVC laminate and an internal embossed PVC liner.

Aspen is equipped with an intelligent and economical motor with three functions: heating, massaging and filtering.

You will like its design, you will love to immerse yourself in its bubbles and you will be satisfied with the affordable price.


The spa can be used at temperatures from 5°C to above. It will increase the water temperature by 1.5°c - 2.5°c every hour until it reaches the maximum temperature of 42°c.


Delivery times: from 5 to 15 days from order confirmation.


  • Netspa Aspen - technical specifications

    Capacity 4 people
    External dimensions cm 168x168
    Internal dimensions cm 128x128
    Height 70cm
    Water level 44-47cm
    Volume of water 700 litres
    Air nozzles 110 nozzles
    Outer liner Laminated PVC
    Internal liner Embossed PVC
    Soil protection Carpet in synthetic fabric
    Coverage PVC laminated 0.6 mm aluminum foil
    Closure Safe, with special buckles
    Control Panel Integrated digital
    Diet 240V - 50Hz
    Pump For air and bubbles: 650W - Filter pump: 40W
    Noise Air pump 68dB - Filter 55dB at 1m
    Filtration rate 1200 l/h (320 gal/h)

    Power 1500W - Max temperature 42°c


  • Inflatable spas - benefits and assistance

    - possible replacement of the pump in 72 hours

    - assembly and disassembly in less than 5 minutes

    - revolutionary system. The pump can be removed without emptying the spa!

    - intelligent engine block with automatic temperature control function.

    - 10mA safety socket - 100% safe against electrical risks. Includes a 10mA RCD.

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