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Mspa Otium Spa
  • Mspa Otium Spa
  • Mspa Otium Spa
  • Mspa Otium Spa
  • Mspa Otium Spa

Mspa Otium Spa

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The inflatable spa smartest ever. A brand new experience to enjoy a whirlpool.

By clicking a single button you will see your spa stand up by itself while you can quietly sip a cup of coffee.
The Bubble & Up button will automatically sense the air pressure and stop when the inflatable spa is ready.

The Otium Spa from the Muse collection features individually adjustable hydromassage jets and more than one hundred air jets to offer one of the best hydromassage experiences.
The spa boasts an elegant design thanks to the Micro Rhino-tech and it is possible to use both the UVC and OZONE functions. The functions are complementary and both have the purpose of keeping the water clean and killing bacteria.

The UVC function can also be activated with people inside the spa while the Ozone function must only be activated with the hydromassage spa empty.

The equipped hydromassage jets offer an invigorating water massage with adjustable indications and levels.

The massage will also improve the quality of your sleep by relieving pressure on the joints and muscles of the body.

The Otium Spa features an easy-to-reach pocket for storing the remote control and other items.


Delivery times: 3 to 5 days from order confirmation.

  • Mspa Otium Spa

    Mspa Otium Spa technical features:

    • Dimensions: cm 185x185x68h
    • Water capacity 930 litres
    • Net weight 42kg
    • Hydromassage jets: 125 air jets and 6 water jets adjustable in 3 speeds
    • Capacity: 6 people
    • Temperature increment: 1.2-1.8 degrees/hour
    • Heater: 1500W
    • Air jets: 720W - 3 levels (300W - 500W - 720W)
    • Filter pump: 1800 litres/hour
    • Ozone generator: 5.5W
    • Ozone production: 30-50 mg/hour
    • UVC: 2000uW
    • Inflating: automatic
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