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Laghetto Laguna Koi
  • Laghetto Laguna Koi
  • Laghetto Laguna Koi

Lagoon Koi pond

PriceFrom €3,400.00
Sales Tax Included

The Laguna Koi pond is part of the triad of basins designed specifically to accommodate and favor the life of Koi carp and fish in general, designed with a depth of 1 meter.
They are built in fiberglass and finished by hand with quartz sand and marble, materials that give them a very natural color and excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, even the most extreme!
The Laguna Koi pond in particular has several steps for positioning marsh plants and a large space on the bottom for positioning water lilies.
One of our recommendations is to insert a good filtering system to maintain the values in the water and have a clean and crystalline pond!
Once customized with the recommended optionals and inserted some nice Koi carp you will have a wonderful pond that will give added value to your garden!
It is not necessary to create any connection to the water system, just place the basin in the ground.

  • Delivery time

    From order confirmation 3 to 5 days

  • Technical features

    Pond size:

    Length 350 x 223cm
    Depth 100cm
    Capacity lt. 3000

  • Water cleaning and maintenance

    To keep the water in your garden pond clean and healthy, choose one of the following solutions:

    Clear 12000 filter

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