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Laghetto Garda
  • Laghetto Garda
  • Laghetto Garda

Lake Garda

PriceFrom €1,470.00
Sales Tax Included

Garda is a garden pond built in fiberglass and finished with natural sands of marble and quartz.
The peculiarity of this basin is its edge: the mold of the rocks with which it was finished has a very realistic rocky appearance, in order to facilitate installation and customization for those who want a natural pond in harmony with their garden.
Inside the pond there are 2 steps to insert marsh plants which, unlike water lilies, which can be inserted in the deepest point of the basin, do not prefer shallow depths.
Once customized with the recommended optionals and inserted some nice goldfish you will have a wonderful pond that will give added value to your garden.
It is not necessary to create any connection to the water system, just place the basin in the ground.

  • Delivery time

    From order confirmation 3 to 5 days

  • Technical features

    Pond size:

    Length 274 x 180cm
    Depth 63cm
    Capacity lt. 750

  • Water cleaning and maintenance

    To keep the water in your garden pond clean and healthy, choose one of the following solutions:

    Filter UVC 3000

    BioPress Set 4,000


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