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Cascata Kilimangiaro
  • Cascata Kilimangiaro
  • Cascata Kilimangiaro
  • Cascata Kilimangiaro

Kilimanjaro waterfall

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This beautiful waterfall is built in fiberglass and finished by hand with natural sands of marble and quartz, materials that give it a very realistic and natural color, as well as excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, even the most extreme!
One of the peculiarities of all the fiberglass creations of Giardini d'acqua is that the craftsmanship makes each piece unique and inimitable!
It consists of 2 interlocking pieces: the collection basin and the waterfall with double water outlet and open back, which can also be decorated by inserting a few plants on the external steps of the structure.
The water recirculation pump is already included in the cascade in order to provide a complete kit ready to be placed in any environment, both internal and external.
The soothing sound of flowing water and the beauty of this waterfall will enliven any location with a touch of originality and uniqueness!

  • Delivery time

    From order confirmation 3 to 5 days

  • Technical features

    Dimensions waterfall:

    Maximum length cm 90 x 68 x 83h

    Composed of 2 pieces

    Complete with recirculation pump

  • Installation tips

    Waterfalls can be installed anywhere, both outdoors and indoors.
    After burying the supplied basin or container, a gradient is created for the waterfalls to position the various streams and the rock with a spring. The pump placed in the basin is connected to the rock connection with the source via a rubber tube, which is then masked under the various elements of the waterfall. We proceed with the customization with plants, flowers, shrubs, pine bark, stones and other decorative objects. It is recommended to create jets and other water features inside the waterfall
    use a second pump. In spring and summer, carry out anti-algae treatments.


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