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Spa Vita Poolstar
  • Spa Vita Poolstar
  • Spa Vita Poolstar
  • Spa Vita Poolstar
  • Spa Vita Poolstar
  • Spa Vita Poolstar

Netspa Life

PriceFrom €1,120.00
Sales Tax Included

A true spa with high-end finishes, the Vita is distinguished by an elegant finish and an elegant design.
Its 8cm foam structure combines many advantages: quick assembly, greater rigidity than an inflatable spa and better insulation.

Comfort is provided with a foam mat integrated directly into the underside of the cover for comfortable seating, while the spa surround adopts a dark skai outline for the most beautiful effect.

The integrated Netspa motor block manages the filtration, heating and diffusion of relaxing bubbles by itself and is controlled with a single press.


Equipment and accessories included:

differential jack, 1 bacteria-stop filter, protective blanket, drain hose, 2 plugs, filtration support.


Delivery times: from 5 a 15 days after order confirmation.

  • Vita semi-rigid spa

    Capacity 4 places
    Dimensions cm 156x70 h
    Internal dimensions cm 140x70 h
    Volume of water 800 litres
    Weight (tare) 31kg
    Air nozzles 110
    Temperature gain 1,5°c - 3°c / hour
    Diet 240V - 50Hz
    Heating 1500W
    Internal liner Embossed PVC 0.6 mm
    Outer liner Woven PVC

    Double insulation of the heater

    Filter pump 40W


    Filter block + 1 antibacterial cartridge included
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