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Mspa Spa Tribeca
  • Mspa Spa Tribeca
  • Mspa Spa Tribeca
  • Mspa Spa Tribeca
  • Mspa Spa Tribeca
  • Mspa Spa Tribeca
  • Mspa Spa Tribeca

Mspa Spa Tribeca

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The new TRIBECA spa features an elegant dark walnut-like finish.

This beautiful spa packs all the rigidity of a traditional spa without sacrificing portability.

Surround yourself with 360 degrees of variable strength bubbles for an immersive relaxation session.

For maximum comfort, enjoy the headrests and pillows included in the spa.

The Tibeca tub offers space for 6 people.


Activate features wherever you are

It's just like a real control panel, but portable and smarter. All the operations that could be performed from the physical panel can now be performed with the APP with a simple click!


Get a guide now

The app offers technical support such as access to user manuals, installation videos, FAQs and more. It will also direct you to help centers for problems and questions.


Get to know your spa inside out

You can easily find your spa's serial number and WI-FI version. We'll send you tips to keep your spa at its best. When problems are found, you will be notified to fix the problems quickly.


Delivery times: 4 to 7 days from order confirmation.

Delivery with dedicated packaging and unloading of the material on the ground.

  • Mspa Spa Oslo - features

    Water heater

    Hydromassage flow adjustment (3 speeds)

    Ozone therapy

    UVC rays sterilizer

    Filtering the water


    Remote control

    Touch screen LED system

    Touch controls


  • Mspa Spa Tribeca - accessories included

    Accessories included:
    Thermal blanket
    Floating mattress
    Foldable mat
    1 filter base & 2 cartridges
    Distributor of chemicals
    Inflation tube
    Grill key
    Exhaust hose adapter,
    Air-water closure caps

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