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Trionix pond
  • Trionix pond

Trionix pond

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Trionix garden pond for turtles, made of plastic material produced with a thermoformed mould. This pond has been expressly designed to accommodate small and medium-sized turtles, it has a ramp to allow them to exit from the area deeper than the basin and a manger recessed in the dry area to avoid dirtying the water with turtle food. As an alternative to the turtles it can host some small fish and some water plants.

In combination with the Trionix pond we recommend either the Ponduett 3.000 pump or the Pondorell 3.000 pump complete with UV lamp.

  • Delivery time

    From order confirmation 3 to 5 days

  • Technical features

    Pond size cm 108x77x28 h

    Water capacity 80 litres

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